Race Nights



Fundraising isn’t difficult. If you’re looking for a good, quick, and easy way to make funds for your Charity organisation, Football team, dance group or your charity trip to africa then one of our race night packages is perfect for you. We show the races on a large projector screen or we can make our race nights fully interactive with the traditional wooden horse system.

We have many years experience in hosting and running race night events and helped raised £1000s of pounds every time we do, we use a tried and tested formula, we can either run a full screen only race night, an interactive (Wooden Horse) race night or we can combine both, normally the wooden horse race night work better in a room with a large dance floor area, Our race nights films are professionally made and not recorded from the racing channel so you really do get the best experience.

Our Tote System

We have designed this system to make your racenight run smoothly and effortlessly. The biggest questions we get asked about running a racenight are about the running of the tote, so we have adopted a unique tote system to take that headache away completely.

Our system is extremely easy to use!

So what does this system give you:

  • Simple point and click operation
  • High level of race night professionalism
  • Full audit of all bets and income
  • Individually printed betting slips with your own message
  • High speed print technology ticket checking
  • Full payout calculations
  • Constant record of current profit
  • Accurate payout calculations

The 2Fat Tote System’ includes everything you need.

What you will need to do before your night:

Sell Horses/Owners/Jockeys
Obtain sponsorship for each race
Ask for donations from local businesses, organisations or individuals
Print out the race cards

What you will need to do on the night:

Organise the tote desk sellers.
Arrange cash float in 50p and £1 coins.
Sell the Tickets and pay out the tote

What we do on the night?

Compere the evening
Calculate odds
Provide race tickets or ticketing system
Play music before after and between races
Help raise funds and create an unforgettable atmosphere


Call us: 07977558876 or 07850101416

Email: info@2fatdjs.co.uk